It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia



i think needing every part of every outcome to be funny or amusing* denies long-term setups. There was nothing funny about mac walking in fat. The payoff was finally the gang starting to reference his bag of food and wheezing directly when you’ve been waiting for it etc.

As for the waitress always being repulsed by him: Cricket wouldn’t always have been making out with dogs on the street. Character arcs in non-core cast are a good thing. She’s gone from being relatively okay to nearly cricket-level desperate in 11 seasons.


and a member of the gang getting something they wanted without deserving it is immediately soured though, right? he finally sleeps with her and now he’s regretting it already.

i always find i enjoy comedy more when i tell people for hours about why it’s funny, and i think we can all agree on that btw :’(


i was surprised at Charlie getting with the waitress as well although the fact that he’s gone completely off her as a result is quite a funny outcome - reminds me of Mark and Sophie in Peep Show. i guess the fact that the pursuit has been dragged out much much longer than it was in Peep Show just makes it much more surprising and odd to see it actually happen.

i thought the Charlie & Dee moment a couple of seasons ago was a much odder move for the show to make, though doesn’t seem to have been referred to again since


there was a hint of this happening with the waitress ages ago when he ditched ‘ruby’ for her asking him to come back and keep her safe btw guysssss


oh yeah. and the night she was on ecstasy.


it’s been rolling for a while. i mean even them talking during charlie thinking he was smart betrayed something


No, no definitely :grinning:

Ah I don’t know, maybe I didn’t word it right. I’ve nothing against characters arcs with the non-core cast members and I think the way they’ve documented the decline in Cricket and the Waitress in particular has been brilliant and I can’t credit the show enough for doing this.

I wouldn’t say I need every part of every outcome to be funny or amusing either but having Charlie’s experience instantly soured was so obviously going to happen that it just left me cold; as it didn’t need to be somewhat forced down our throats - we all knew disappointment would be the inevitable outcome. Honestly it’s think it’s a mistep but admittedly over twelve seasons, I’ve felt that they’ve rarely put a foot wrong with character development.


okay i see where you’re coming from. i hope they can pull it back. i assume if D leaves they’ll bring waitress in to the core cast…


Yeah totally, it might just be the length of time that this has been dragged out for that the key to the surprise / shock. I also ‘liked’ that it was something that Dennis, Frank and Mac could all somewhat lord over Charlie with.

Yeah I’d kind of hope this was a one off thing as well but it worked on context of the episode I guess?


I’m sure they’ll think of something and I’ll feel silly for doubting them :smile:

Really not sure what to make of the Dennis leaving / maybe bringing the Waitress into the core group thing - perhaps season 13 will start with a two parter that wraps all this stuff pretty neatly?



I realise it’s from 2005 but Ep 1 was awful.

Does this get better?


Yes. As with every sit-com ever, they only come into their own once you get to know all the characters properly.


I’m too busy/important to watch anymore so unless you can pinpoint exactly when it gets better.


Don’t be a n00b all your life, friend


Just bin off series 1 entirely


thanks AggPass.

I’ll start on Series 2.



again: thanks.


They hurt a cyclist in the road trip episode?


I think I might be the only person who prefers it without Danny DeVito.

He does my fucking head in.


nahh one of the reasons I disliked the new series was he is barely in it