It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia







Good in small doses, bad when they do a full episode about him


Probably this. Probably that for all of the characters to be honest – too much of one of them is unbearable.


I like those gardening shears very much but do they cut through bone?


When he makes his ‘decent proposal’ though :joy:


I just finished series 12 - the show rarely makes me LOL anymore but I still find them fun to watch and Charlie is still ace most of the time.

Ending of last episode was a bit ‘huh’ but, like someone said up there somewhere, perhaps they’ll do a two-parter and tie everything up.


late 2018 for s13 :frowning:
maybe the hiatus will mean that Dennis comes back. Didn’t really make any sense at all for him to get a conscience.


I’m three seasons into this, Charlie’s song about the Night Man had me crying with laughter


Oh you have so much joy yet to come my friend! Love it. It just gets progressively more ridiculous and is all the better for it as far as I’m concerned!


wait until you find out about the day man


Ooohoooeeooooo go FUCK YOURSELLLLLVES :sweat_smile:

I think that’s my favourite tv moment ever falls through bar hatch


I just love this so, so much. :heart:





Must’ve watched it through about 6 or 7 times. If there’s one thing a shuffle button on Netflix would be great for, it’s this show.


I know, right? There aren’t many sitcoms nowadays (esp. not US ones) that benefit watching Simpsons-style out of sequence. I remember feeling pretty rubbish with cold / flu a while ago, lying in bed watching through random episodes of Sunny. T’was great.


Please tell me you’ve seen this:


Love it so much. :heart: :heart:


Just watched the Lethal Weapon 5 episode