It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia



I’m watching this show with the kids at the mo (I’ve already seen them all). So great.



no-one else found it very repetitive and fatiguing after 3 series? you guys have a much higher tolerance for shrieking than me then i guess.


it only really gets going after 3 series :smiley:


I swear to god stop bumping this I keep thinking there’s news :rage:


There IS news


There are a few key episodes from later seasons that you can drop into cold, which are so good that they then make going back much easier. I’d say The D.E.N.N.I.S System from Season 5 is a good one to try.


Milksteak anyone?


His take on the Grilled Charlie :drooling_face:


that poor ribeye though, heartbreaking


Gagged a bit as that came out of the pan!


A freight train just went past, and it had KITTEN MITTONS graffiti’d on the back of the last carriage thing.


Just started s12, hadn’t realised I hadn’t seen any of it. Been cackling in my room for a good hour and a half :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:






god a lot of these decisions are fucking infuriating



scrolled down and saw frank stuck in the playground coil on the first page, realised going any further would just make me angry


The gang dines out isnt in the top 10

Im so angry and sad I might be sick