Its annoying not being able to see


who has posted what threads on the social bit

or am i being thick


Yeah, this is the worst bit so far IMO


You can from here:
which is the Social forum view


Have to hover over the leftmost picture under the users bit innit. Gonna have to start memorising profile pictures.


I genuinely miss threaded replies as much as anything. Or is it still here?


yeah i think the reply system is going to irritate me


so the first little avatar is the OP? ok


How do we go linear?




Looking forward to the first threadsmash.


On mobile there’s no way of knowing though. :worried:




Looking forward to the first threadsmash.


how do people reply when they do that quote box thing. this is far too complex for my simple brain


You manually select the text you want to quote and it comes up with a quote reply thing


yep (extra characters)


Mouse over the first avatar? Should say the name of the original poster (obviously not as easy to do on mobile)

We can look to make a CSS change to show the original poster but it’s probably a bit of a faff and you could just click on the thread to see who has posted it?


oh right :disappointed_relieved:


speech bubble at the left of the reply box


thankyou leader :kissing_closed_eyes: