It's been years!

the jook times


that’s some mad stuff, glad to hear of kicking the drug habit and managing to lose the weight

i’m good, i still live in london

oh and i became a meme on the old boards in the summer of 2012!

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Actually @mods delete that and share it only with the tinychat alumni.

Thanks bud! I hope London is treating you well and I’d love to see this meme!


was tinychat the one with the webcam? remember me and my atd going on cam for a few nights in a chatroom full of dissers, but not sure if it was tinychat or not.

this would have been 2009/2010, mind you

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Yes, that was tinychat! 2009-2010 is definitely a timeframe where that video chatroom was seeing some traffic.

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the thread is here

obviously like all memes variations have popped up many times since