"It's bin day"

Do you know when bin day is?

  • Yes I do
  • No I do not

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got a leaflet the other day saying it’s changing, haven’t read it. not sure what it was before either.

It’s the day they collect the bins eric

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Of course. If we don’t take the bins out then they don’t get emptied.


Have just found out because I’ve moved somewhere that doesn’t have a communal bin shed. It’s Thursday, FYI your information.

Does it being “bin day” affect what you do with your bin?

  • Yes it does
  • No it doesn’t

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I don’t understand the question.

Do you have to adjust your bin behaviour on accounts of it being bin day?

It certainly is Ant, it certainly is.

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I need to move it onto the street for collection, if that’s what you’re asking.

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I understand, thank you.

I believe it’s supposed to be Monday. In practice they’ll turn up on either a Monday or Tuesday, and quite regularly not at all.

When I lived in a block of flats, we didn’t really notice when the bins got emptied as they were always out the front and never completely full.

Now I have to physically move the bins from round the side of our property to the pavement at the front so that they get emptied. Never ever had to do this in my life before :frowning:

We have a problem with people going through our communal bins to steal stuff, so I won’t put anything other than household waste/ recycling out until the morning of bin collection.

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Just get the butler to do it.

where bounce your bin hun?

This is lovely isn’t it:

  • Yes it is
  • No it is not

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Mine is Monday which I think is perfect. Wheeling the bins out on a Sunday night is a bleak process, it’s taken the place of Songs of Praise or Last of the Summer Wine coming on the telly.


round the side of the flat in a special bin area

Ours is Wednesday, so tonight the bins need to go out. I believe tomorrow is “full bin day” where all three bins get collected. Next week it will just be green (recycling) and grey (food).