It's Boxing Day

What you got planned? We’ve got our traditional pub lunch at 1pm. Not sure if I’ll be hungry then or not tbh :thinking:

Gonna read / play board games until then. And also drink a lot of coffee.

it’s at this stage where I wish I’d brought my bike with me :grimacing:

Morning pniks et al

Plans for the day: go for a walk this morning (probably up to the coast?); maybe pop to look at bikes (not sure whether to get another second hand one or whether to splash out on a new one)

Going to go watch King’s Lynn vs Lowestoft this afternoon. Apparently it’s a bit of a humdinger when the two sides meet.

Other than that, will be eating our way through the mountain of food in the fridge, and still trying to unwind from work.

Not hungover cause I couldn’t be arsed to drink loads yesterday so feeling quite smug about that.
Today we will lay around and watch tv and then go to my aunts in the evening and finally see my parents which I can’t wait for tbh :slightly_smiling_face:


Going to my sister’s for lunch and my oldest friends for Dinner. But still feel sick from all the red meat I at yesterday… :dizzy_face::dizzy_face:

Morning PNikz, CCB, Meow, all. Still feel impossibly full from yesterday so need that to shift before we go to my parents’ for the day. Looking forward to not having to cook anything all day and playing Articulate and the music Articulate rip-off I got. Going to get up in a minute and use my new coffee stick thing I think. So full.

Morning :wave:

Driving down to my gf’s parents for Christmas II. Think there’s going to be a full Christmas dinner when we get there, not sure I can take it! Had a pretty quiet one yesterday in preparation for the choas of having 5 siblings + partners + kids crammed into the same house for 3 days :grimacing:

Looking forward to meeting my new baby niece who was born a few weeks ago.

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Hello all. Doing it all over again today with 2 extra at the table but with a variety of beige M&S things for lunch and then a 1 pot turkey cuzzer for dinner. 4 bottles of prosecco to go. If you need me I’ll be on my Switch.


So jel tbh


I am a very spoiled man.

Up since 5:30 with the kids. Ahhhhhhh. Supposed to be in London until 28th but am trying to abandon ship today. Away fixtures with the 2 kids are too tricky, I’m a different prospect at home

Morning assorted.

Really shitty night’s sleep. O was up lots on the night. I’m letting my partner sleep in and trying to play with O. It’s not going well.

We’ll probably go for a walk, see our reception venue and then make it back to the in-laws for the afternoon, dinner (cold meats and salad affair) then staying over.

When I finally get out of bed I’m going for a long walk, I desperately need it for body as well as mind.

Then I’m going to pick up my parents to bring them over and take them for a pub lunch in Warlingham. Before coming back to ours for a couple of hours before taking them home again,

As I’m driving I can’t drink, which to be honest is probably a good thing.

All I want to do is stay home, try out the new breadmaker, play one of the new board games or go to non league game, perhaps Dulwich Hamlet. But I’ll get to do none of that.

Also got work dread creeping up on me as I’m back tomorrow.


Cold which has been brewing for a few days is finally properly here :sneezing_face:

Feel guilty but I couldn’t think of anything better today than being entirely by myself with my stack of new books and a steady supply of food. Instead off to my aunt’s with a moody and uncooperative R.

Need to try hit the online sales to find a coat as the zip is fucked on my current one. Hopefully get something from H&M or Next as I have vouchers for those and my bank account is not looking overly healthy.

That reminded me to put a bread on!

how do you switch children off


Too unwell to do anything both yesterday and today due to bastard megacold

Think I’ve reached peak Christmas so reckon we’ll drive back to Glasgow today. Feel bad not staying for longer but I think I’ve learned when to bow out, plus I wanna enjoy mooching around Glasgow whilst I’ve still got a week or so off work. Been a great few days, though :christmas_tree::surfing_woman:t3:


No solid plans. Girlfriend is still asleep so I’m just watching some Atlanta. Probably walking our schnauzer pal this morning, then going to see Bumblebee later, which I’m proper excited about.

oh turns out cartoons work quite well


Morning all!

Not hungover, which is good!

Off to my sister in law’s for boxing day lunch and exchange of presents with the in-laws, then my wife and I are flying to Edinburgh for a few days which should be nice.