It's chico time



Chico grew up a few 100m from where I grew up


What a man

He had a stroke last year, better now though

It’s almost Chico Daylight Savings so don’t forget to set him forward an hour.

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Didn’t know you were from (Slimani spent his childhood time in) Oujda, Morocco.

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And then lived in Crawley (I was in Crawley yesterday!)

When he was 14 years old, his father, living in Crawley, West Sussex, asked him to live in the UK, where he attended Hazelwick Schoo

What a fucking liar eh!

Every time Chico’s family moved, we moved 100m away from them

No wonder he became so obsessed with time. ‘when are we moving again?’

Ben at school said he could time travel and that he was from the future

Alvin said that his dad had shagged Bo Derek.

preferred his follow up tbh

That’s sad. If he died then I guess his Chico’s time would have been up.

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It’s childhood time!

I will be telling the truth

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