It's 👏 the 👏 Wednesday 👏 daily 👏 thread 👏



Alright? Dirty Projectors’ new record got released last night so imma give that a few spins today.

Does anybody know anything about Morden? Could potentially be moving there.

What’re you on with?


Gonna go for a walk then record a song later I reckon.


I don’t feel great.


A nice morning constitutional, best way to start the day that Bam!


Going crawling back to an old job today, doesnt feel great tbh. New dirty projectors is a weirdun, needs more listens.

Morden, are u mad m8


WFH. Conducting a phone interview at 9:30. I hate conducting interviews.


Brain’s still trying to sabotage me today. Didn’t sleep well and had weird dreams, both of which are unusual for me.

Going to try to get a bunch of work done and hope it passes.


Taken on too much work yet again so I’ll probably be wasting lots of time on here today


Get a job you hippy :grinning:


Good tags this morning. Im in need of some pb on toast and a cup of tea. Had a weird dream i killed some one with a shovel and built a pond in my mums back garden.




At work. Might gym later. Slept well last night. Everything is great and no complaints.

Life is an infinite opportunity to declare who we are. It’s a cosmic game and a blessing. We create it. So create whatever you want.

Love, peace and partying x


Would you believe we could buy a house there? I don’t know anything about it but I’m trying to steer my wife back to somewhere more interesting than end of the line Morden.


How was the wang? (welcome back!)


Plus point: if you need to commute on the tube, you’ll always be able to get a seat…


Really damn hungry this morning. Might need second breakfast. Then coffee. Seeing as I’m at work, should probably do some of that too.


Ok Pippin.


It’s my friday. Gunna get some ‘kleidung’ at lunch, go for a ‘lauf’ after work, pack my ‘koffer’, have a short ‘schlaf’, then travel ‘zum flughafen’ at 3am


Aye I’d be making the long haul into Angel most mornings so this would be useful but, y’know, it’s Morden.


The Wang was great! Spent lots of time on the beach with the girls, saw wild dolphins, alligators and the like, spent two days in Kennedy Space Center, nearly saw a space rocket launch (but it was cancelled at the last minute), was invited to a Trump rally (but declined), and came back with barely a hint of a tan. 10/10, would Wang again.