It's evening in 7 minutes time

and laelfy has challeged me to spend this time writing the evening thread so I guess that’s what I’ll do. No idea what I’m gonna write to take up that amount of time if I’m honest but I’ll have to think of something wont I?

I guess I’ll start out with the obvious - what you having for tea tonight? Any other plans? Tonight will be my last dinner at the catering, very much looking forward to going home tomorrow and eating proper food.

What else? Hmm. Anything good on the tellybox or films or any of that bollocks? TV is shite isn’t it. Bloody hell. Fuck, really running out of material here. Think I’ll go for a pint or two tonight and then go to bed. Should really play zelda but I got stuck in a hard place and it’s annoying me.

Was supposed to have some London work on friday but that’s gone away now and is quite annoying. Need to psot a bunch of records that I sold anyway and that’ll be a serious post office trip.

Oh look it’s officially 6 o clock so I guess I’ll post this… now.


Hi eric, excellent contribution. I think from now on every post should be required to be 7 minutes worth of typing

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Nice work Eric.

I’m going out for dinner in a bit with a colleague, currently trying to work out how to get to go to where I want without looking too bossy. Might have a cocktail or two.

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Forgot my key. Reckon plasticmike will be back in… 30 mins.

What shall I do? Wait or pub. Bear in mind I’m in full lycra with a bike. No lock.

chuck your bike through a window to gain entry

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Gonna sit outside my local and have a couple of beers in the sun. :+1::grinning::beers:

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tl;dr :wink:

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oh yeah, I’m going to eat some leftover fake mexican slop I made yesterday. it was ok, had 3 different kinds of chilis, some mexican oregano, a few other things. so authentic

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what fresh hell is this?



Alright ezza

Currently mooching slowly round the winch with the TV. Having pasta primavera stuff for tea and maybe one solitary beer

Alright Rick Stein

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Salted cazza espresso martini.

Mate, I was polling in the other thread.

Had pasta w/ aubergine pesto.

I like your ring (ooh matron!)

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I had my personal training session and I am looking buff and feeling fierce and I wish I could do a posey pic of the muscles I’m getting but it’s hardly anything really

Dinner is a mystery as bf said he will pick up stuff for tacos on the way back from the driving range but he ain’t even left home to go there yet so that’s dinner in like 2.5 hours?? Might just have some beans??

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do you prefer a hard of soft shell taco, meo?


Positively HATE hard tacos