It's evening in 7 minutes time


do you prefer a hard of soft shell taco, meo?


Oh wait I remembered, I’m booking some flights tonight

Left it so so late because I am an idiot, it’s gonna be eye wateringly expensive



Positively HATE hard tacos


Ooh is this when’s we’re gonna cross paths??




Just burnt my mouth on spiced tea.

I read hard shell tacos weren’t even a thing until taco bell.


Think I might donate my sperm. No one is ever going to want a baby with me and I’d feel a bit guilty about ending a line of billions of years of successful reproduction. Anyone done it before?


saw that there was a taco bell in leeds t’other day


YES! I have been meaning to tell you! We’re actually not going to Colombus, Ohio - but COLOMBIANA, Ohio. Lol. That could have ended badly. Then we’re going up to Buffalo for the week <3 if you’re going there let me know! First week of June!


There’s on in Bradford too…

And Glasgow, I idiotically went on the day it opened and it was very busy, was rubbish.


There is one in Woking.


Evening E5, all. Been packing most of the day, with breaks for a post office trip and lunch (spicy bean burgers and chips, coupled with last night’s kebab this has lead me to Bomp™️ City). Got quite a lot done so it’s time to watch shit tv and eat biscuits I think.


Haha! Amazing work.

We’re in Columbus from like 30th May to the 3rd June then we’re on the road to Niagara so may be driving through Buffalo (but not sure we’re stopping there) about the 4th or 5th?? We’ve not really planned that part yet despite going on hols next week :joy:


taco preference

  • hard
  • soft

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ever eaten in taco bell?

  • y
  • n

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Hard shells are awful
So awful
They completely fall apart on the first bite and then it’s just a shit show and hard stabby bits in your gob

No thanks!!


Wtf no one likes hard tacos

There’s a beautiful Taco Bell in Pacifica just outside SF

That’s all I have to add.


trying to stop it from falling apart makes it a more exciting experience


Went to a place called Taco Mazama the other day and can you believe it they didn’t sell any tacos?!!


i like the challenge. soft shell ones never get toasted and they’re too floppy and mealy


they must get a lot of complaints