It's evening in 7 minutes time


Off for tapas


I walked away in silent protest


It’s not a bloody obstacle course
It’s dinner ffs!


Terrific length, did read!!?


Sell veg haggis burrito, no need for tacos.


:wave: need to do some washing. Gonna eat pizza and watch football. Probably play computer games

Hopefully in bed asleep by 9pm :metal:


Sounds…a bit gross tbh


what can I say, I’m a thrillseeker




Evening. Pizza for tea. Felt really tired today and got very little done. Spent an hour commenting on a pdf, then when I closed the app and it asked if I wanted to save I clicked “No”. Wtf!

Probably going to spend the rest of the evening playing Donkey Kong then go to bed at 9.


@ericV - remember the great spreadsheet disaster of April ‘18? I’m basically in Cardiff to repeat all that work :woman_facepalming:


I’ve got two words for you


Pizza, beer?




Sounds like a big sloppy mess




gonna channel my inner marckee


No no!! Haggis burritos are a thing of beauty. Not a sloppy mess, I promise. Tho, I’m not sure I’ve had a haggis burrito, I tend to get haggis quesadillas… still, TRUST ME


The weather in Scotland (ie, where I live) is beautiful tonight! Sitting out on the decking with a full stomach from the HUGE lunch I ate 6 hours earlier at BreadMeatsBread.


Just woke up from a nap. :heavy_check_mark:

Gonna have some pizza in a bit. :heavy_check_mark:

Need to go another trip to the supermarket before that though, still need some things for tomorrow. Also need to go to the attic and see if my flag for the balcony is there / check that my dress is actually clean / clean up a bit and move the kitchen table / possibly some other stuff too.