It's evening in 7 minutes time


Bollocks, I was about to guess ‘Bath time’


all this needed was a GoT reference and we’d have achieved peak wr


Where did you get stuck in Zelda?

I’m making mushroom risotto (from a packet - lazy version) and hope to do 20 minutes on the treadmill and some coding this evening. Probably testing Amazon SES and trying to tie it into Paypal APIs.


Got it covered in my tagline, pal


Asylum of course. Can’t believe this is even in question.



i’m in the ‘maze’ temple and i already beat the boss but i ran out of keys and can’t figure out how to get the boots. there’s a clue that there’s a false wall in there somewhere but i can’t find it.


Picnic bar (the best chocolate bar) and an oringina for dinner 10/10



Didnt take it further than that, just licked it off the wraps


Matcha and pistachio syrup :heart_eyes:

I really need some food :confused:


Where are you? What’s going on?


I want your cocktails


:joy: I’m in Brick & Liquor in Clapham on the happy hour cocktails.


9 times out of 10 you would have been correct


There’s a branch of this bar in Tooting so if you’re ever at that hospital again we’ll meet for these :+1:


Ah… you’re playing Zelda II, aren’t you. Sorry - you’re completely on your own there!


yup. i even cheated and looked it up but everyone else does the temple so differently that it didn’t even help :man_shrugging:


Up down left right hit A 20 times then B START SELECT done


Youngest has written a song for the dog (called Bertie is Cool). She can neither play ukelele, nor sing. It’s painful. Still, the dog seems to be enjoying it.