It's evening in 7 minutes time


After picking him up half an hour late, R’s dad then dropped him off home several hours early. For the second week in a row :roll_eyes: Consequently, I didn’t get anything done I was meant to today.

Had tortellini for tea, gonna have some biscuits in a minute because excessive sugar is still the least destructive way I have of dealing with shitty moods :-1:



That’s really shit yet again FL. It’s lucky R has such a good mum, cause his dad is clearly a massive bellend.

Sorry if i’m speaking out of turn, just seems to be one thing after another and he’s causing you all manner of problems you don’t need or deserve

  1. That’s not the konami code
  2. It’s not a konami game
  3. Hi Witches! :wave:


not sure if this has been covered elsewhere but…

happy birthday @imaperv, you fucking legend

hope you’re having a great day :slight_smile:


One day I’ll be a big enough deal on DiS to warrant my own thread :cry: (thank you xxxxxx)


No!! I just genuinely enjoyed how hard some of the old school cheats were :joy: I remember there was one at the sonic menu that I could never quite get. I used to buy the cheat magazines with lists of them!


HB PERVO! :tada::tada::tada:


A dog came over to me with a frisbee. It would not drop the Frisbee and now, I’m sad :frowning:


don’t be sad, that’s an absolutely classic dog move


HAPPY BIRTHDAY YOU GLORIOUS WOMAN YOU!! :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:


HB perv



80 quid fine


Woah, are you handing out fines via DiS?


By the time they’d fined the 100 students I’d be long gone. Some people are eating paesano’s thought :frowning: lot of taunting in the park this eve.

How’s the holiday?


Here’s my dinner


I don’t know what that is!

Good ta! :slight_smile:


It’s pizza witches, lovely, lovely pizza.

Good stuff :slight_smile:


Or not :sleepy:


This stuff :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes: