It's evening in 7 minutes time


I think you’ve just given @epimer the shits from looking at that


Ok so I’m back from the shop where I got the last supplies. AND have put some laundry on. But I still need to do lots more and I really just feel like watching some telly and going to bed :tired_face:




I just had 2 figs
Apparently figs aren’t vegan tho cause there’s a tiny wasp in there that dies


I thought that yanny and laurel thing would be a load of bullshit but fair enough it’s freaking my nut to this day


do they have the stingers intact?


Think the fig dissolves the wasp completely


Just spent €900 on flights to go to a wedding where I will know no one apart from the tv

I best make some life long pals there, is all I can say




ooh me bum


I hope they get rid of all wasp remnants before they put them in fig rolls then.


Just paid £1.95 for a pint


Pasta w/pesto I think. First time in months so excited.

Might go to the beach tomorrow (it’s a regional holiday here) but might not


Rip off


you’re a rip-off


You can’t afford me bbz


My subliminal messages worked and I got to go to wahaca and had tacos and taquitos and churros and mojitos. :drooling_face::pregnant_woman::grinning:


Got my ice cream and ate some (chocolate fudge), what an interesting life I lead.


Had half a tin of Verdant Headband and a bottle of Siren Carribbean Chocolate Cake. Been watching some stuff on BBC4 about space. Gonna go bed now


Nobody in here cares what wanker beers you’ve been drinking :wink: