It's evening in 7 minutes time


I thought you might :disappointed:




Pfft I can see the untappd ratings.


Fine, I’m going to bed then

flounces off


I had a decent day at work where people kept talking about me applying for senior posts, followed by an evening of The Child being a dick and Wor Lass sending me on long trips/ wild goose chases for storage options and AV adapters.

I’ve got to leave at about 7.30 tomorrow to do everything I’m supposed to do, and I won’t get back until 9.30 ish.

I could really do with a beer.


How is the new house Keith?


I’ve got into bed but not opened the window :frowning:


I doubt i will but I might just pretend I am to make this happen


hmpf, feel kind of deflated. glad to be going home tomorrow but my next job having gone away is kind of annoying. band stuff isn’t really happening now for a while, feel like i haven’t really got something to go home and get on with. need to come up with something to work towards or i get ta bit bored and restless. need a new project or a hobby or something. idk


I think you’ve grown to love that portacabin, haven’t you?


nah genuinely was looking forward to going back to a normal job and feeling like ‘oh yeah, this is what i should be doing’


It’s still full of boxes.

The shitty fridge we inherited lasted all of about 18 hours, so AO are bringing us a new one tomorrow.

It’ll be brilliant once I feel like I live here.


Have you met the neighbours?


Take up cycling?


:grinning: let’s make it happen.


sigh. dunno why i bother posting sometimes.


Wor Lass met one today (he’s Ghanaian) and I said an awkward hello to the guy on the other side as I shuffled into the house after doing meter readings last night.


Um, does sky have a thing where if you turn off your tv in the middle of a live programme, the next time you turn it on it’ll start where you left off? I’ve just turned the tv on and it’s at exactly the same moment where Rick stein was before. Mind explosion.


I still haven’t served dinner :disappointed: It’s checks watch nearly 10pm ffs! Cooking a salmon cuzzer, it’s nearly done. That last cocktail may not have been the best idea? :thinking:


In all seriousness, that situation would drive me up the wall.

There must be a few days before cabin fever starts setting in where you can appreciate being at home again though, surely?