It's evening in 7 minutes time


maybe you experienced some kind of time warp?


could you make some solo music? seems as though you’ve written parts for different instruments for your band anyway, so is there any reason you cant record them yourself?

i’d love to go back to London for a little bit tbh.


Went to the pub

Now I’m in bed with a throat sweet

That’ll teach me for thinking I’ve recovered


I’ve gone through my standard two day illness duration and am fine, giddy even. TV has now caught it though so I’m looking after her. I think hot ports are a bad idea though.


had a great time at the pub quiz with my best friends.

Came last.

Got a Yorkie bar as a consolation prize.

Now feeling lonely.

Life is a rollercoaster to quote Ronan Keating.


HB @imaperv

Bestest, most intelligent and attractive people were born on this day etc