It's finally here! The 'Recommend me a Toaster' thread you've been waiting for!

Hey. So my toaster has died. The last time I bought a toaster was over a decade ago and I think I just went on Amazon and bought whatever was top rated on there. My shopping habits have changed a bit since but I don’t really know where to start with Toaster shopping. So.

-Do you have a dece toaster you want to recommend me the make of?
-Do you have a good idea for a place to buy good quality toasters?
-Do you have any toaster memes (extra points if Red Dwarf Toastie the Toaster related) you want to share?


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How about a nice red one?


My kitchen is green though… It would be like living in a traffic light.

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Grill Club represent.

Bog standard russell hobbs silver brushed. Expensive toasters are fucking nonsense.


i would assume all toasters are basically the same aside from appearance

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This. Four slice rather than two though. Two slice is a false economy unless you live alone.

We are fine with a 2 one in a house of four. We had a four one and one side broke after about 12 months.

Either buy a really cheap one or a really expensive one. Anything in between is nonsense.

We’ve got a Dualit one which was and is expensive but it’s lasted a family of four nearly 30 years and it’s still going strong.

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Proves my point… If that had been a 2 slice then you’d have been left without a usable toaster, instead you can still use half of it and have enough toast.

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have you tried the toast office?

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I feel like this is the set up for a pun but I can’t quite work it out if it is…

Check under “other phrases”


I have this in limestone
I vibe it

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I’ve got the plain steel four slot version of that. Bought it in about 1998 and it’s still going strong. Went wrong once but easily and cheaply fixed. It’s the Don of toasters.


Ah! Been on here since 2006 and no recollection at all of this one!

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do love the aesthetics of a dualit. And also the old school timer sound. My mum has one that is probably just slightly younger than me. Don’t think I can bring myself to spend £200 on a toaster though…

We bought a new toaster earlier this year after our old one died.

I wanted something more fancy, but I was vetoed, and we went for this one (which is a fiver cheaper than when I bought it - curses!)

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I still have the mail I sent my other half with my toaster research:

Russell Hobbs - very nice looking, but probably highly impractical

Breville - both not bad, but the “Edge” model looks like it’s quite flexible in terms of what bread can be put in it

Bosch - also takes different sorts of bread - more expensive than the Breville, but maybe better built?

Swan - nice colours:

Russell Hobbs - would match your biscuit tin

Tefal Toast & Bean (but as well as beans also does eggs boiled, poached and scrambled!!!)

I think we should probably get the Bosch one, if we’re being sensible. Although we don’t need to be sensible all the time, and it’s just a toaster - How wrong can you go with a toaster?


Oh great, no previews. Ho hum.