It's Fixture List Day! - Association Football

Go on then, whinge about yer run-ins. Moan about the games you’ve got directly after European matches. Whine about the busy Christmas period.

Week early mate. Next Wednesday.

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No, it’s today. They’re out.

Nothing really from a Liverpool point of view to moan about. Nice (although potential banana skin) opener, Arsenal three games in to give us some idea of where we’re at. Chelsea as our penultimate game could (hopefully will) be important.

Just looked. So many shit teams in the premier league

Can we replace Watford, bournemouth, Huddersfield, Burnley, Swansea and Brighton with real teams please

Not sure a United fan should be questioning Swansea tbh given the last few years

We did this a few weeks back, pal

MK Dons beat us too and they’re definitely not a real team


Did i suggest. Forest, leeds, both Sheffield clubs and Villa coming back?

No but I did

Lifting the trophy in Huddersfield this coming season.


Prem today
EFL next Wednesday. See you then.

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i’m a Brighton fan and we’ve got Man City at home on the first day of the season which is going to be pretty electric provided we don’t get a walloping


Two European cups pal

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40-odd years ago

It’s a good away in a proper ground. No some nu football hell hole

Decided to abandon any pretence of having principals as a Utd fan and get back up for a few games this season, the fuck is this every-game-goes-on-sale-at-the-same-time bollocks!?

E Mids rivalries aside, The City Ground is a grim place to visit, well overdue some major refurbishing.

Not sure upon what we are basing the argument for Forest as a Prem team? A Div1 title and two European Cups 40 years ago?

(I wanted Derby up as well fwiw)