It's flying ant day.

I’m calling it.

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@anon5266188 where you off to hun

Eric, this is a wild suggestion without evidence

I’m off for a bath! (in 35 minutes or so)

Where are you heading?

For a bath! (in 33 minutes or so)


(Almost) every day (between June and september)'s a flying ant day somewhere (according to one study)

Punctual update, time’s flying, Ant

Evidence: i was mobbed by them for my entire run. Never seen it so bad.

Creating, marketing and selling “Happy Flying Ant Day!” greeting cards

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  • A great idea
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  • A nice idea
  • A neat idea
  • An astonishing idea
  • A poor idea
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  • A fucking awful piece of shit idea
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  • A worthless idea
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  • Other (Please Specify)

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Where were you running?

a bath


(other than “away from Flying Ants” that is!!! :rofl:)

Could have famous Ants (McPartlin, you, Adam) on them with wings on.

Nah, normal ants

Changing my vote.

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Hackney Downs and Lea Bridge area

Well, I’m just moments away from there and I can’t see a single flying ant…

Say it. Say that Eric’s a liar. Go on.

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