It's Friday afternoon now


Home stretch, right guys?!


Bit early for banal - we’ve not even had lunch yet :slight_smile:


This is NOT a banal thread


4 hours and 13 minutes to go :upside_down_face:


It’s also not like a daily thread, or an evening thread, or any other type of thread I don’t post in.


Is this the lunch thread? I’m making chicken katsu curry from scratch :drooling_face:


I’m afraid this is NOT a lunch thread


torn between getting a nice lunch and sticking to diet

could go either way, this


I’m afraid I’m just going to post pictures of my lunch regardless


are you sure? looks like it to me


Nice lunch that is healthy? Best of both?


You can’t spell ‘food now’ without ‘It’s Friday afternoon now’.


by “nice” i guess what i mean is “massive”


This thread is superfluous to my needs for the time being. Might be back in a bit.


Lots of sushi?

Ah whatever, it’s Friday, treat yoself


Very considerate of you. Some of the others in here are conducting themselves appallingly.


You broke the ‘rules’ by creating an afternoon thread, it’s anarchy now


Forgot to bring a hairband with me so i’m free flowin’ today. Someone just called me king george, seems to be a running theme.


I’ve made a grave error, I see that now.


still haven’t heard back from an interview I had on 20 February :pleading_face: