It's Friday afternoon now


not normally good new is it


Having a terrible day. Keep me in your thoughts



if the police were interviewing you as a murder suspect it’s probably good you haven’t heard back


Hope it picks up pb


I’m not so sure. I’m certain i come down with all the pains possible when i see morning threads last all the way through to whenever evening starts.


Maybe they’ve lost your contact details, give 'em a call


I’m off to Alston Bar & Beef for lunch. I have sacked off spin class as feeling vertiginous with a post-wine-wine spinny head.


This is NOT a replacement for any kind of daily thread, can’t stress that enough.


it’s more of a statement thread, now that I think about it some more, which I’ve just done, though not for long.


just had some kind of breaded chicken thing with salad and got the salad and spicy sauce all down me :upside_down_face::upside_down_face::upside_down_face:


Lunch was falafel salad with feta and tahini, but salad man forgot to save me a soup :sob:

Gonna use this as justification to TREAT MA SELF once more and get some kind of sweet from the bakery in a bit


Got a misery Tesco Tex-Mex salad.

Did manage to get cake (free from; caterpillar), card (couldn’t find any good ones so I got the least funny one I could find) AND wine (not quite the right one but close) so overall winning.

the salad is actually ok


You’re right. 32 posts in and it feels like a banal/lunch thread crossover.


just five hours to go

(haven’t done any work today and don’t plan on it)


Gotta take a visitor out for lunch.

Wheres good and cheap?




The huntingdon of scotland


cannot believe I’ve wasted today so easily


saigon foods in catford


Catfood in saigon