It's Friday afternoon now


The worst of all worlds


Here’s my lunch, a ridiculous faff for lunch but it is very very tasty


I’ve called them twice and they’re still deciding apparently :frowning:


Oh my, that looks so good.


It was banging - tasted like restaurant standard katsu curry


There’s only one thing for it then - open a restaurant.


Ha ha it took me at least an hour to make and my kitchen is a bomb site


Fire alarm for my building (not a paltry flat smoke alarm) has gone off three in the last fifteen minutes, but has stopped by the time I’ve gotten my shoes on.

How worried should I be? (10=Most)

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Is this going to interrupt my 2pm phone meeting

  • Almost certainly
  • No
  • You’ll have burnt to death already by then

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It’s finally lunchtime! Gone for a balance on the health front

And some of these fellas for after


Fucking bank blocked my payment for a holding deposit because i havent set up a voice password and didnt fucking bother to tell me about. Have a few ideas what I might set it as.


really feel like i’m fucking killing it at work right now.


Just told me boss I cannot be arsed today. He looked at me like I had 3 heads, pure joy of the morning. I think I’m becoming more British by the day. :laughing:


I’ve had a massively full day and I’m not anywhere near the home stretch yet

almost dead as it is



just realised I made 26 pages of notes in a seminar this morning

save me


Just ordered a fookin’ pizza m4s.




I just got promoted at work :slight_smile:


Normally onions, chillies pepperoni, rocket i think. It changes feomntime to time. I basically just walk in exchange pleasantries and ask for a spicy Italian. It’s always good.


Is this lunch or dinner?