It's Friday again...

Good morning. It’s Friday! :partying_face: Hope you all slept well. What are your days looking like?

It’s another cold day in West Norfolk. I’ve got a visit but it’s local, so no additional travelling.

Before I forget, here’s the :sun_with_face: DAYLIGHT UPDATE! :sun_with_face:

:sunny: :crescent_moon: Daylight :heavy_plus_sign:
King’s Lynn 07:58 16:21 08:23:00 +2:51
London 07:54 16:28 08:33:29 +2:41
Glasgow 08:31 16:24 07:53:28 +3:18
Manchester 08:11 16:28 08:16:38 +2:56
The Beer Factory, Devon 08:04 16:47 08:42:58 +2:33
Newcastle 08:16 16:18 08:02:25 +3:10
Cardiff 08:07 16:40 08:33:42 +2:41
Belfast 08:31 16:37 08:06:11 +3:06

Big news of the day is that Newcastle is basking in 8 hours of daylight today! Sunloungers out, lads! Have a great one, however much daylight you’re enjoying.


I’m not getting out of bed. You can’t make me.


Stepdad got a load of insulation delivered at 6:45am. Mum comes in and goes, you better get up and help him shift it! So I drag myself downstairs and it turns out I’m not needed at all.

So I’m back in bed. :relaxed:

Happy lunar new year, btw! Bunnies! :izakaya_lantern::rabbit::red_gift_envelope:


And - AND - we’re above freezing all day! if you ignore the windchill

Today I am in the office this morning and at home this afternoon and then going to an arcade bar for pizza and beers and to play arcade games, a lovely day basically




So very tired

Morning punx.

Only two meetings today and i’m trying to be positive so lets go!

Have a good day fools, it is friday after all

Morning all!

I’m cold and tired and was asleep at 9.30 and I’m not really keen on today.

I’m teaching online and then at a faraway campus this afternoon.

I’m going out for drinks with football later. Not totally sure if I can be bothered but it’s a free night out and I need to get out of the habit of avoiding social events.

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Was hoping for a lie-in but didn’t really get one. I mean 7am is better than 4am, but still… Never mind. Pesky dog.

Might go for a bike ride. Need to walk the dog. Could do with nipping to Sainsbo’s. Should probably try and catch up a bit with the 30-day yoga thing.


Off down the beer mines for the last day before a week off. Might make burgers later and drink some beers, you never know.


Cat’s gotten into a hideous routine of repeatedly hitting me in the face when she’s decided it’s time for me to get up and feed her


keep going

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I’ve got to take the kids out so i’ve just farted on you instead


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Gonna have a shower and then try get madonna tickets

Our boiler broke yesterday morning. Can’t get an engineer out until tomorrow. I’m currently wearing all of my clothes.

On the plus side - we’re going to see My Neighbour Totoro at the Barbican tonight.

Hopefully it’ll be warm.

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Going into the office to have a meeting with David.

Much stuff to do before a meeting at 10, all stuff I intended to do yesterday aft. Ahahaha

Will listen to some new releases to help me cope, then maybe a post work pint? No real plans, been far too busy this week and I NEED to sort out the flat. Giving me actual stress now

Wild wild weekend eh

Guy should be in PRISON!!


Dunno why I said I’d make a cake, gone right off the idea. I’ve bought a zester from tk maxx though so I guess I’m committed.

Also I’m going out for dinner later but I still need to rinse with salt water after eating so… I guess just take a little water bottle with me? This could go well