It's Friday and it's going to be good


What you all got planned?


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Have a good day everyone


An ATD is coming over for dinner. I am cooking him risotto, I think.

Got to work, will be sleepy

Off to London tonight to see Buffalo Tom with a couple of ATDs

I got a few hours sleep which was nice.

Pub much later but got some time to kill beforehand if some LME DiSers want an early celebratory pint?

It’s Friday, I’m in love! :dancer:

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A shit day ahead at work. I’m currently listening to an excellent album by a band called Big Thief on my earphones heading to work. A few drinks in the evening. I’m smiling that the Tories have been hugely weaken although pissed off that my MP that voted for Brexit and against same sex marriage wasn’t kicked out.

Anyway, have a great day all you guys.

Gonna be barely functioning at work, but smiling a lot. Energy drinks at the ready. Celebration drinks with ATDs planned for tomorrow night. And hopefully am due more insightful comments from my brother :joy:


Trying to decide whether a hung parliament is enough of a victory for an election victory party that this guy who runs a micropub (labour) said he was going to have that I invited myself along to. I reckon so. Gonna swing by after work anyway

Football awards tonight

Last day of my contract and the TV’s flying out for the weekend. Gonna try and sneak off early and get some drinks in.

So happy the Tories got a kicking.

Just woken up to this delightful news :hugs:

Got a half day and then heading back to my hometown (who, incidentally, have just booted out their shitbag anti gay marriage Tory wank - UTI!) for cycling, a 30th Birthday and to meet my ma and pa’s new 6 month old Jack Russell pupper. It’s a good day.


Going to see Kathryn Joseph.

So strange having election joy.

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I am grinning like a fucking idiot today. Amazing.

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Just listening to this too - It’s absolutely stunning!

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Actually just saw he put this on fb yesterday, I’m out

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Nice to wake up to this tbh tbf. Nice sunny day too. Nice.

:punch: Lincolnites represent. So pleased they did the right thing, I think I’d have lost all faith in my home town had the re-elected McCartney #UTI

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Might drop a splash of milk into my hot morning cup of tory hubris