It's Friday apparently guys

It’s 5.25, I’ve been awake since 3.30 with a kid that won’t sleep and I’m watching Rust Valley Restorers. Got a funeral to go to later and that’s about it.

What you doing today?

Hugs mate x


Hope it all goes as well as it can pal, thinking of you :heart:


Celebrating Friday with a quick can (first since last Saturday) and a camera shy cat before bed. An ATD is coming off the ferry this afternoon, and he’s kid-free for the weekend - two days of cans, hiking, bikes, BBQ and knobbed arguing to come :smiley:

I hope today goes as well as it can for you and your family @rich-t, thinking of you x


Is it not still really weird drinking at this time? Even if on nightshift. Can’t imagine it.


Woke up starving. Might have porridge.


Used to work 2230-0730 and loved a cold beer when I got home, sat in the garden on a sunny morning.


nah, it’s like 10pm or something according to my body clock, so a quick can is a lovely way to end the day :slight_smile:


I cannot get enough fucking sleep. Darkness around my eyes all the time, look like shit. Can never get back to sleep when I wake up too early. Might buy some Nytol.

i’d sit outside but the midges’ll get me

Bedtime kitteh cuddles :heart_eyes:


Woke up at 4am, excited about having my first shower this week. Just had it. Glorious.

Hospital in a bit (and for most of the day)

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After making it through 2 terrible weeks at work, today should be okay… Except, in a cruel twist of fate I’ve woken up two hours earlier than usual and I’m wide awake, seemingly for no reason.

Going to use this time well by having a coffee and playing some videogames, then I’ll hopefully have a shorter day.

Have a good one everyone.

Was sure it was Saturday when I woke up. Livid.


What a difference a day makes

Hope everything goes ok Rich x

Got a SEN meeting at R’s school later and very scared that I’ll have a shutdown from too much information. Really want to be a competent mum for once though as it could be really important.

Before that a trip to lidl for the essentials of toilet paper, coffee, oranges and ritter sport. One of those things is obviously a lot more essential than the rest.

Probably a nap too, love a good nap. Oh, and pizza and Low.

It’s Friday morning and I’m not having to get up for work, that’s it, that’s the post.


hugs to @rich-t

1/2 day then heading to hebden bridge for a walking weekend with my dad and siblings, getting a bit more of the pennies way ticked off for dad.

Sort of treated last night like a Friday but I think I’m ok.

Hope you’re OK Rich

You should have a vest day. Grab yr comfiest shorts and live the dream

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