It's Friday Evening, so welcome the Friday Evening Thread!

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How about the music?


Didn’t realise Gruff Rhys was on tour again

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Appeared on stage for Yo La Tengo’s encore at Green Man last week. Played some keyboards for Autumn Sweater and The Whole of the Law


Wow you have some very hidden strings to your bow.


Had some Mali kufta and rice for dinner, thanks Waitrose, and now just bombing about until it feels a suitable time of the evening to open the prosecco. Hi5 @anon89873996

Good sunny evening, and kids have been worn out by being out with my parents all day…



Need a shower and an early night. Got some noodles for dinner.

Tomorrow I’ve decided were going to Southport, was actually tempted by Blackpool for the tackiness but its too depressing. Sunday off to Pride, Monday I’m going to a mural festival in Rochdale.

But the sun is shining and the number one aim of the weekend is hanging washing out to dry :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

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played guitar in the park with a friend for a bit then some kids were like “oi mate is that a bass guitar!” “you two look like mega stoners!”

kids these days


At the climbing wall for my one session this week. Been looking forward to it all day. And now Chelsea Fucking Dagger is playing for the second time since I got here :rage: Fuming

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Bought a waitrose DINE IN offer and picked the bbq ribs. There are two packs in the box as ostensibly the box is for two people. Do I

  • Eat one now and save the other for another time
  • Eat both now because let’s be honest I’m a gannet

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love cancelling stuff and fucking about being antisocial


if somebody cancels on me it’s always secretly a huge relief even if I like them a lot

eat one now and then eat the other later on this evening, that way you will have nice food to look forward to. Looking forward to food is almost as good as eating it


exactly! A precious guilt free moment to savour mmmmm!

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Since when has a ready meal advertised as a one person portion ever actually been for one person?


Not just a foodhall manager m9

how many people do you think a pipe of pringles is meant to feed?

I reckon 4

Remember in the 90s when we all used to share pizzas rather than having an individual pizza each?


don’t think I tried a pizza until the mid nawties