Its Friday Evening (THE thread)

Thank you to the wonderful @overthehill for the wonderful cocktail hour leading up to the big Friday Evening thread.

Had a busy day about to annihilate beers, listening to Gordon Lightfoot. What’s everyone got in store for this evening?


It’s Friday! I survived my first two weeks of distillery operations without breaking or spilling anything expensive! I’m on holiday for the next three weeks! I’m wearing my favourite stealth Red Dwarf t-shirt I thought I’d lost but found! I have a book to finish reading, a book to finish writing and new tunes to listen to! I might research a new road bike! I have curry for dinner and plenty of cans! I have too many exclamation marks!


good evening neil and ellemegablast thats the one. and etc.

bunging some munch in the oven, might step foot in a supremarket later. that is the ectent of my excitements

mmm, someone is burning


Evening all. I am making my own quesadilla‘s because I refuse to partake in fucking Salmon en crout (or however you spell) it with the inlaws. I am fucking winning.

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This, then vidya


oh, and today the fifteen-year-old lightbulb in my reading lamp blew. It’s one of those stupid Ikea proprietary types and I don’t live anywhere near an Ikea now. Grr.

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Pic please!

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rare hankering for pizza, bought a pizza express supermarket job, paltry amount of chicken on it


Evening all. I’ve been trying to get a pic of the bee that’s buzzing around all the flowers this evening, but it was camera shy and stuck its face out of view

Gonna have a good old fashioned cuppa booze in a bit.


don’t think I’m gonna go for a walk with my bro tomorrow, going to just piss off my family instead. Blergh

  • Good night to view a comet
  • Comet the hour cometh the clouds

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This has just reminded me that last night we had a garlic bread purchased from Morrisons. It didn’t has any garlic butter on it was just a sliced baguetee. Cheeky fuckers.

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Fucking love it. Extra bonus points: I’ve lost enough weight that it fits properly again :smiley:


Me rn


Have you any pictures of sheep on your phone ?

What cha drinking?

An invention: you take a photo and if a song is playing it gets shazam’d and it offers to put it on the photo as a caption somewhere, or just gets saved in the EXIF data

my number one motivation for losing weight is to once again fit inside those cool tees i wore 10 years


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