It's Friday Evening Time

Hello! Haven’t done one of these in awhile, but it is Phil Collins day after all.

How’s everyone doing, what do you have in store for this evening?

It’s the nicest day of the year so of course I’m indoors listening to the genius of Phil and slugging beers.

I hope everyone has a fantastic evening and enjoys their holiday weekend.


Alright? Had a very very busy day but it’s sausage & chips for tea and I’ve got a load of free cider to drink so that’s nice. Properly exhausted in every conceivable way tbh.


Fair depressed really, will just drink until I pass out probably.

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got sunburnt in the graveyard


Sorry to hear that man, hear to chat if you need it.

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What a waste of a day. Still annual leave until week Monday. Cba to do anything


enjoy the time off my man you deserve it!

I’ve done almost nothing all week. It’s ace

Can NT one day if you like??

Had jollof rice and haloumi for dinner.

Will take dog out for a nice evening stroll in a bit and then it’s Ozark and some wine I guess.


Typical goth behaviour


Was sitting there telling my friend how nice it was too see the flowers and the bees so I don’t think the goths would be very impressed with me



Had turkey dinosaurs, potato waffles and baked beans for tea.

Got a banging headache and feel really sick though. Didn’t have a proper breakfast or lunch and did 50k on the bike in the sunshine and I think it’s fucked me up.

Might be an early night.


Turkey dinosaurs? Excellent.

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That’s a really solid dinner.

If I were a cat or a bird or a fox I think I’d just go into shops and stuff all the time, cause chaos, steal things


And into people’s houses

Do such culinary wonders exist in the US of A?

No but if we make a Thanksgiving turkey into the shape of a stegosaurus I’m so in.

Just about waking up now

Gonna boost out to see The Northman for the sake of being sociable and not slowly melding into the sofa for all eternity

Either speedy Tesco quiche or hopefully order some bao buns in, depends on timings for screenings

I would just sneak into houses and poop on living room floors.