It's Friday evening!



I’m off to see Doves later. I could do with a power nap beforehand - this week’s catching up on me.

I’m just going to leave this here so that everyone who visits this thread is a little bit jealous of me


We made it, guys


Evenin. After a four hour journey in the worlds hottest car I still haven’t cooled down, and now I have to go out for dinner in a long sleeved dress because I clearly wasn’t thinking straight when I packed my case. Already checked the menu and it looks like it gonna be fish and chips.


Was just buzzed by a petulant gull while sat in my garden.

Drank one of the nicest roses (fuck off accent agreck or whatever) I’ve had in a while just now, from our decanter awards batch.


I’m eating an extra strong mint!

I knew you could do it eric! :+1:

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How strong would you rate it on the MSS (Mist Strength Scale)

My pal got in a square go with a gull on the beach in puerto Pollensa. It was bizarre.

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They can get pretty boisterous, can’t they? I guess as flyers go, they’re amongst the larger ones. Probably need taking down a peg or two.

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I’m jealous without watching the video, and I only saw them a week and a half ago. For all their flaws, I love them and they’re my no 1 band at the moment.

Have fun!


Sneaky photo for the thread?

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As can my pal. It was a beautiful stand off :+1:

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Hey @anon76851889 and evening crew!

Feeling a bit blue.
Crappy week at work as has been documented in the daily threads, sorry for being boring. Just feeling a bit down and on the verge of tears a lot.
But out in the garden now drinking some prosecco and listening to tunes so hopefully I’ll be out of my funk and able to enjoy my weekend soon.

Hope everyone has a bloody great weekend.
Bisous :kissing_closed_eyes: x

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This is your reminder gnomey, that no matter what’s going on offline, these boards love you - you’re awesome and deserve a fantastic weekend!


Don’t think I can put off not drinking any longer, to the beer store i go!

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Prosecco and times in the garden, lovely stuff.
You’ll be out of yer funk in no time. Happy weekending G. :+1::grinning:


To be fair, I’d generally side with those that can fly over those that cant, unless they’re all cute. Just imagine being up there in the air having some time. I sometimes get so angry, like grrrr angry with our ancestors that we didn’t evolve flight.

Get in amongst ma man :+1:

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