It's FRIDAY evening!!

Everyone excited? I’ve got the afternoon/night to myself as the Mrs. is going to her friend’s for some bachelorette thingy.

So it’s booze and records all day/night long.

Plans, dinner options, drinks for you all? Please share.





Getting vietnamese food. Forgot I have no beers in but cant really be arsed going to buy any. Sorry to let you down, NY.

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Gonna do some work, watch a tiny bit of TV, eat some stuff from the freezer. It’s a standard evening!

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Watching a shit film with a sleeping baby on my chest. Got fish chips and peas for tea and a load of nice beer


Early bird gets the worm eric!! It was 1PM here mind, first thing I thought was eric was going to send me his clock picture if I was 5 minutes early. :rofl:

Went out and bought some beer at lunch so that I didn’t go out this weekend

Missus rang on the bus home from work saying let’s go out :grinning::grinning:



Kids are all out again so it’s a solo evening for me (again)

Got some :beers:,got :pizza: might start on the :hammer: horror box set that came today, might just end up watching Gogglebox and other assorted bullshit

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Which one might this be?

Hammer :hammer:!

Just realised Americans might not know what that is, sorry :smile:

Ribeye steak for tea and more Buffy.


Peter Cushing and Christopher Lee being vampires and whatnot

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The TV is cooking tonight. Gonna munch that shortly, get the wee man to bed and have a beer in front of the telly.

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Funky have you heard the new Springsteen album, its phenomenal!

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Haven’t had a chance yet but will later hopefully. Heard good things.

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Just noticed something when I was adding a boarding pass to my Apple wallet thing

Bad ideas volume 1: :grimacing::grimacing::grimacing:

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Bought two bottles of blakcberuu and nettle cider as thought i was staying in. Neighbour has just texted ‘pint?’


Keeping hospitality alive!

I had a couple of hammer horror boxsets. Ah simpler times.

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