It's Friday, finally


What’s in store for you today? Any weekend plans?

I’m going to Oxford tomorrow apparently. Sunday is :bike:. Dunno about tonight but there will be beer I think.


Hi pnix. Up early to go to the gym :dizzy_face: today’s my friday. Will probably get home late tonight, watch masterchef and go to bed at 9.30.

Boozing at beavertown tomorrow. Woop.


Half day today. Gonna have breakfast too…!



Might need to do some actual work today, I’ve been taken the pisses all week tbqfh.

Got the house to myself tonight. Will have to decide if I’m going to a (blue dots) penoid card game tournament tomorrow or not, and prepare/not prepare as appropriate. Proooooobably cba, but I like to give myself the option to go then wuss out at the last minute.

No plans for Sunday.


What’s yr gym routine, eric?


What’s for brekko, jordz?


Same :disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved:


Morning plasticniki :slight_smile:

Today: Nothing exciting to report, got the flat to myself this evening but we are still without tv, internet and I have no cable for the dvd player. Many suggestions welcome!

Tomorrow: Going through to Glasgow to see the bf play a gig. Think I might finally make my way to tantrum doughnuts. Will obviously let you know how that goes.

Sunday: Again… nothing really. Gym? Work? Got the flat to myself yet again. God I’m boring, but then the week after…


Morning all :slight_smile:


Flail about a bit until everything hurts (Wahey?)


I’ve got a fuckload of work today and I probably won’t get home til 7.15. Then straight out for dinner. Tomorrow we’re going down to Cambridge to meet two separate sets of friends for lunch and dinner respectively. Might go for a walk on Sunday.

In summary: food

I was very, very close to throwing my mug at the nearest wall (taking care not to damage any IT equipment or break any glass). Hopefully I’ll feel calmer today


Just got a cereal bar in the end. Need to shift this timber


I’m also in dire need of a haircut.


Sounds like an early night.




Still in bed, don’t have much work on, got Weetos for breakfast and the TV brought me a cup of tea before he left for work so today’s already looking like a good one.

Got book club tonight, this is maybe my 7th or 8th month and we’ve read two books about twins already, then it turns out the twist in this month’s book is that an Irish woman and an Indian woman are long lost twins. Losing the will tbh


Where bounce you going on holiday?


I have a massive cold / hay fever, hoping the eightish hours at work will fly by with minimum hassle (though I just remembered there is a tiny hassle from the off) so i can retreat with Undertake and pizza asap


Finish my flavourly box* + lasagne + cake baking tonight
CURRY NIGHT**, *** on Saturday
Another in a long running series of 5 year-olds birthday parties on Sunday****

* Beer
** Booked in for 5:30
***In other news, I went along to what I thought was Curry Night
At what I’d hitherto perceived to be a pub that I could trust
And it transpired
Curry Night were there to play
Crowded House and David Gray
And though I didn’t have to stay
I overheard the barman say
At The Queen’s up the road TBA were on, and so
I remained where I was.
You ask me why, I say ‘because
TBA are particularly glib’
****I am not a clown


I did some actual work yesterday so I’m good