It's Friday, finally


What are you doing in Oxford pniks? I have just been there, it’s looking good.

I am at a conference today but really just want to be in bed. I’ve had 7 hours sleep in the last 2 days. Ugh. Not much planned for the weekend though which is good.


I need to phone my GP today and shout at them. Will probably be the highlight of the day.


I’ve fixed your formatting error for you. Handy hint: a backslash before the start of a line prevents Discourse from auto-formatting your posts



Thanks! That was annoying me.


In bed being a unemployed mess pretty much


Oh hey!
Seeing friends tonight for board games.
Shop for a new bed on Saturday.
Start packing all the things on Sunday.


Morning everyone.

WFH again today, can’t imagine I’ll achieve too much, quite honestly. Will see if there’s any cricket happening and tune in on the radio.

Tomorrow, hobble to the last day of the season and see if we can confirm our survival for another season, watch the End of Year presentations and see if I can get the club’s physio to check out my foot.

Sunday, nowt planned at all, so probably a combo of reading, watching snooker and listening to cricket.



Alright planic and co? Nothing doing tonight which I’m intensely excited for/about. Tomorrow is house viewings followed by my wife’s surprise 30th birthday party at her dad’s house. Dunno how I’ve managed to keep it a secret this long.

Need to continue with the playlist I’m making but the internet is down at work :flushed: This post brought to you by 4G.


Ahh feel p good after gym. Gonna get a nice breakfast then hope my boss isnt freaking out too much today so i can get some proper work done and leave on time.


Nothing doing tonight. Going to fetch my boy tomorrow morning for a weekend of fun. Got Monday off, so more time with the boy, as my ex wife is doing something lavish with her new man.

< /familyfun>


Morning PN, everyone.

Cheap but decent weekend for me

FRIDAY: Couple of beers, then pizza and film at home (watching The Wailing, I think)
SATURDAY: Parkrun, Badminton, FA Cup Semi Final
SUNDAY: bicycle ride on a bicycle with my friends on their bicycles finishing at a mate’s BBQ, then watching the other FA cup Semi and the Clasico.


Not much. I had a super bad MH week so I just want some self care and relaxing times.
Tonight: Hot yoga and I realllly want a take away but its hard when vegan.
Tomorrow: HIIT in the morning, might do Peloton after that but I had such a shit session on Tuesday that I really can’t be fucked with that right now. Evening: Might go for drinks but I don’t want to drink because it’s making me emotional and loopy for days after.
Sunday: Hopefully relaxing, making a cake, crocheting some socks (although I’ve massively fucked them up so need to unravel a lot).


Think I’m more or less at the inevitable point with any new job where I’m bored enough to DiS all the time again.


Hey PN! This is my first weekend in a while where I’m not gigging/recording and/or being ill. Tomorrow I’m going to see Cosey Fanni Tutti do a Q&A which I’m massively excited about. That’s all I have but I absolutely cannot wait.


Good morning everyone and etc…

Day off today so had this for breakfast

They were ‘healthy’ sausages, so 3 were allowed.

Need to have a walk to Sainsbo’s in a bit to get some peppers for the curry I’m cooking for dinner.

Rest of the day to be spent playing vidya games.

Work tomorrow and Sunday :frowning:


Morning everyone

Tired today

Tonight I will be hanging at home with the kids - Saturday evening I’m going to a BYOB Ethiopian restaurant with the person I’m seeing and her friends. This is the 1st time I have done this with her, feels significant. Hope they don’t hate me and vice versa

Sunday - bike ride, probably


Day 4 of VPN not working. This has prevented me from doing any client work all week.


where’s the gig Witches?


fuck me that looks good