It's Friday, finally


morning all,

i’ve got an album launch gig thing tonight at a studio on the southside, looking forward to it. the morrow gonna hang out with some ATDs and drink some beer etc at some place like mono that sells records, record store day and all that.
not sure what else, old firm on sunday.


Love a good scrambled egg bagel, and sausages - even healthy, 50% veg ones - are always a welcome breakfast time treat.


Bedroom furniture ordered. One internet cancelled and another booked. Removal people confirmed. Post redirect set up. Laundry bags ordered to help transport stuff. Security system ordered.

T-6 days


Morning pniks et al. Having some pals over later then heading out to a soul club night. Gonna check out some RSD shit tomorrow, otherwise got no plans!

:heart: beavertown


Good morning Pniks and other denizens of DiS!

Went to see a friend play his first gig last night. Modular synth, analog synth and drums. Pretty banging! Sore head this morning though.

Got some reviews to finish in the next hour or two and then I have to do some work around the city. Meeting my Dad at half-six so we can go and see Munster’s ‘A’ side play Jersey Reds in Musgrave Park. Fuck knows how I’ve gotten to see so many rugby matches this year.


Whatchu looking at getting on RSD?


It’s my bday tomorrow so going to sit in a pub all day and watch the semi-final after which point I’ll probably be drowning my sorrows.

Might also go for a bike ride and put some shelves up :+1:


mmmm, modular synth. Would love to invest in all that gear but ££££


Yeah, it’s a pricey affair. This guy got interested in it from an electronics standpoint, constructing elements of it, and then moved on to making music with it recently. Fucking love the sounds from it.


Which semi-final eltham?


GL with the date G-Tim!


Spurs - Chelsea


Ah yes. Dreading the outcome tbh. Just going to get absolutely mullered with my brother while watching it.


cheers K-G


*checks watch*


Are you a Spurs fan geesey??


fully cant be doing with today. send help


Worst thumbs down ever.


Flaming Lips live album definitely, maybe the Africa and No Diggity 12" if I see em, and maybe the Lou Reed live album too. Yourself?


Oh. I see. I need to go now.