It's Friday, finally


Going to get the FLips live album too, maybe the AIR ‘Le Soleil Est Pres de Moi’ 12" (favourite song of theirs). Have been looking at two of the Prince 12"s but have no idea how much they’ll cost.

Will be spending the day at R.A.G.E./The Record Spot in Dublin actually! Have you gone there before?


YES! I fucking love that place. Went there for RSD a couple of years ago (2015 I think) and it was a scorching hot day. They had a little marquee set up outside with bands and DJs playing all day and everyone was just gathered around it or across the street drinking cans, it was absolutely beautiful.


I was wondering what the setup would be, the shop is flippin’ tiny! Weather forecast looks good for tomorrow so I’m looking forward to that even more now!


morning guys.

thanks to that awesome music board thread I’m going to learn some more Jason Molina songs today.


Sweet! Some other great record shops nearby too, you’ve got Freebird/Secret Book and Record Store, Spindizzy, Sound Cellar and Tower I suppose. I’d say RAGE will be the best to place to end up hanging out though. Sometimes the hotels and stuff will put on some DJs throughout the day, some hotel on Harcourt St had a class lineup that year, like Le Galaxie and stuff, but no one seemed to know it was going on


something feels good about today y’know? Like I think we’re all going to be alright.


Yeah, love Freebird and Spindizzy. Don’t know how much I’ll have to spend AND I’m going to the Munster game in the Aviva afterwards so can’t carry much!

Will keep an eye out for RSD events though, good shout! My mates are playing downstairs in Whelan’s that night but I’ll be up for mischief before and after.


Sounds like a solid day/night you have there! :smiley: :beers:


Seeing a pal and her baby!! Should be okay :slight_smile:




literally this. starving.

actually considering getting a bus to angel to get a burrito at lunch


so I don’t have shingles, I’m just really ill


piccadilly records are selling the prince 12"s for £12.99 each

im after the cribs and distillers re-releases and my gf is bribing me with a fry up to pick up the laura marling live album for her


I would literally kill you and everybody you care about for a burrito right now. Literally.




This burrito chat kills me. There is nowhere here that sells burritos, but I’d love one.

My options are Subway, McDonalds, KFC or Morrisons. And I’ve had Subway the last two days.


hi all

London dwelling pals have driven down to Kernow for one of their birthdays. Gonna see em’ tomorrow for festivities. Good thing this cold is subsiding.



Thanks man! That’s around €16.00 which means shops here will bump that up to €20.00. Will wait and see though!

Didn’t spot the Cribs re-release. Can’t look too hard at the list or I’ll go mad.


I’m quite partial to a KFC Tower Burger. They’re always better than I remember.