It's Friday, finally


I mean yes, this. They're fantastic, but pretty bad for you. The burritos they do (I just remembered KFC do burritos) are actually pretty decent too...


might go a burrito
might go to the cheap chinese place


i.e. literally all tasty food. Literally.


Pub lunch!

Far too busy a weekend for my liking.

I'm going to have soup for lunch.


The Big Daddy Box Meal is extraordinary. Also, 1500 calories.



every cunt does a 'burrito' now. saw a 'burrito' in greggs the other day. smh.


i might burrito


its on gold vinyl, omg :heart_eyes: think you'll have to get out of bed bright and early for the prince stuff, like. prob even batdance


holy shit


what you getting dun, hun


burrito party!!!! :burrito:


Sounds pretty tasty!

Yeah, I figure I'll nip in to my local shop before getting the bus to Dublin. I only really want the 'Partyman' single, the b-sides on that are cracking!


Supporting Spectres at Sleazies tonight (SSS) annnnd my cold has moved to my throat. Gonna have to give it one of these:


Not a like for the being ill there, a like that you haven't been lumbered with shingles. Get well soon!


might be worth giving them a bell beforehand to see if theyre getting it in


on my shoulderblade.


Just sent this message!


thats pretty cool man


thanks! i think it'll make a good tattoo.


cant find a fingers crossed emoji coz im not on my phone