It's Friday, finally


Today I will mostly be buzzing off my chops as I fly to bloody Japan tomorrow (!)

Put all of the Katsu Sando inside of me pls, thx.

Cannae wait.


Part Chimp tonight!


I have a job interview today for a job I’m not sure I want that’s going to take me over an hour to get to. :expressionless:


some good songs I can learn today?


Happy Friday everyone! I’ve got a five day weekend, so obviously I’m buzzing.

Tonight - dinner with the TV followed by The Handmaiden
Tomorrow - haircut, going to Leeds, getting drunk and seeing Deafheaven
Sunday - going to London with the TV for a few days, meeting up with my parents, seeing friends, watching Grouper and then Pharmakon later in the week


I’m very jealous, hope the flights go well and you give a thorough report of Japan when you get back!

@sarahispi good luck for the interview, hope it goes well and you can decide whether you want the job later on!


If Mums are supporting, get there in time to see them.


they were excellent last weekend!


Car beeped at me on the way to the station, was too oblivious to react, turned out to be the person I’m besotted with, tragic I know but made my day. Seeing grouper on Sunday kind of wish I wasn’t


Prague :slight_smile:


will do, thanks brother!




It’s a wonderful film chief, have a good time!


Playlist finished! So much indie landfill :sweat:


I know the general public are terminally thick but…



(@epimer where were you?)


No, fairly uninspiring local supports on this occasion.


Sorry, I was on my cocaine beach.


The toilets next to my office have lots of signs that says things like:

‘Shut the door’
‘Turn the tap off!’
‘Put paper towels in the bin, not the floor!’

You’d hope these signs wouldn’t be necessary for functioning human beings, but no.


Christ. Cocaine *break.

Might need to lay off the white stuff until my typing improves.