It's Friday, finally


Ours say “please make sure you flush the toilet PROPERLY”.

Didn’t know @sadpunk used to work on my floor.


I saw one in a pub toilet on Monday reminding men to flush the toilet

My 1st thought was that in fact their flush was inadequate and innocent men were being wrongly accused - but I doubt I will ever go back to find out the truth

Also their are signs in my office reminding people it is not cool to steal other people’s food from the fridges. I think if you need a sign to tell you that you are probably going to ignore the sign


Far away in time?


jfc will this day never end


Just heard my first ice cream van of the year :ice_cream:

Its tune? Well, I only know it as “Hitler Has Only Got One Ball” :smiley:


My boss is actually in today as well. Sheer cheek of her, I was going to fuck off at four.


Let’s get this party started!!!



Needle of Death by Bert Jansch.


I had a slow cooked lamb shoulder Burrito for lunch

It was absolutely banging


:smiley: :smiley:


I am incredibly hungry. (I can’t be bothered to find a burrito place). might have a bowl of cereal.


Do you have a soft lense filter or summat? You have the silky smoothest looking skin everever. Evidentially I’ve turned off my creepiness filter.


This burrito talk has made me really hungry but I’m saving myself for a deep fried halloumi burger tonight


Sorry only just saw this! I have no idea actually. Haha! Why? Are you fancying metalling it up?


Nope! My skin can be pretty awful, must just be the mood lighting.


(Netflix and) Chilango?


Yeah mine too :sweat:


Sorry mate im spoken for



Ours have got extensive step by step hand washing instructions. Step 1 is ‘Turn the tap on’ or something equally stupid.


Going to see Deafheaven tonight. Excited. That is all.