It's Friday, finally


cool I will learn and upload later


Finally finished Tuesday’s to-do list.

Might put my feet up and watch the clock now.


took me 25 mins on the bus to get back to work. there’s a good hour wasted. coffee time. thinking of imposing a strict two coffee a day limit on myself, think that’s doable. :coffee: :coffee:


No it isn’t


There’s a lot you don’t know. Watch yourself.


thought this was a reply to above coffee post. for a sec was like, oh shit, rumbled!


Something about white sand




coz i’m becoming a coffee fiend again and keep spending money on posh coffees like a dickhead and then not sleeping well. mainly do it out of boredom.


Take it to the “ways in which you’ve done yourself” thread, pal.


Ah yeah understandable… it’s easily done. You could just stick to making your own during the week and treat yourself at the weekends. That’s what I do but only because there’s no where decent nearby during the week. I just made the mistake of buying a flat white that tastes like death and it burnt my tongue. Serves me right.


Anyone got a bigger blue number than this?



can you order replies by most unread?


Wall of Death by Ricahrd Thompson



I think I solved the first one of those riddles. But I daren’t go back in now.


Bet you didn’t.



I’m going on Sunday!