It's Friday, finally


do the grey ones count?


never heard of this one, will have a listen!


I've got seven weeks of teaching left, and exams start in a fortnight.

I've got my flip flops primed and ready.

Blanck Mass tonight and Deafheaven on Sunday.


i really shouldn't have had those 2 pastries for lunch



why am I not at home eating a Whispa Easter egg in my pants


where's @balonz? he'd have a cracking friday banal on the go by now


Someone should check the shitters.


somebody should nominate an 'afternoon of....' poster. i nominate @japes to nominate someone for it


Haha!! It's like you can see me! That is exactly how I looked whilst I typed it.

Weirdly enough, I was just having a look through etsy for some garish horror tshirts. This doesn't look too far off what I was browsing.


I nominate @ericthefourth


Think of all the new friends/restraining orders you could get with a t-shirt of that picture.



Just had that thing where a track started that I haven't heard for years, and had completely forgotten about. Ever have that?

In this instance it was M.E. by Gary Numan. I must have heard it before due to the Where's Your Head At? samplage, but I'd then completely erased its existence from my mind. I'm enjoying this album. It followed The Damned, which was a slog.


Just curious Witches. No metalling for me tonight, I've got a synth type guitar band thing to go to :grinning:


Well good thing it's tomorrow then isn't it? EH? See ya there, wherever it is.

P.S. tell me about these synths.


That’s no way to talk about @saps.


Glorious lucozade, please see me through


Need to sort out some software licensing issues at work except the team who actually deal with licenses aren't responding to any of my emails or attempts to call them :expressionless:


What, commercial solicitors? They've been on the golf course since 12.