It's Friday, gimme a hell yeah

Had that steak pie last night and as I was eating it I thought ‘hmm is this cooked all the way through?’ and then instantly dismissed that thought. I’ve woken up two hours earlier than expected feeling really queasy. Pray for me. Any time off work and I reckon I’ll be fired lols.

What’s going on in YOUR life? Is it your Friday? Are you having a nice time?

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Im currently coming to terms with our dystopian future


Kinda nice. Like playing smackdown on ps1 again


What actually made me sick

  • Undercooking the damn pie
  • Doing a workout an hour after eating the damn pie
  • Playing Fall Guys for 3 hours straight
  • General poor lifestyle catching up with me
  • General life stresses
  • Other

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Morning joke, duck, Jeff, others.

Today is indeed my Friday. This means a) no running. So just chilling with a coffee watching the news before starting work.

And it means b) tonight will be having a few ‘beers’ probably watch the football. Play a board game and that’s about it.

Weather isn’t great here. :eyes:

Boring post is boring.


Exactly what I thought of. I’d love a go on smackers actually. Bet it plays like dogshit these days

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I’ll tell you what was nice. Randomly came along an old fridge tune I hadn’t listened to in a while. Great song.

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Been awake with dog for the last hour. Poor fella had an x ray yesterday for a suspected hip problem. Inconclusive and we’re keeping an eye on it. In the meantime, he is FULL of beans and catching up on a days worth of sleep. Work shortly.

Picture of dog pls (and hope they are ok of course)


Love Aha Shake Heartbreak, banger of an album

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Poor boy yesterday but is bouncing off the walls this morning.


Such a great game. Used to love creating ridiculous characters on it

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I formally withdraw my hell yeah.

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I’ve just taken one for the team. chucked a tennis ball inside, straight through a lovely bunch of flowers. whoops.

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Good morning DiS. Getting started on that Friday feeling early the day :wink:

Friday night 1 involves finishing this post-nightshift can then going to sleep, then Friday night 2 commences at the usual time with the usual cans. Hurrah!


Morning, time for some more sleep bbl

Morning. I suppose today is my Wednesday(?). Nothing else going on apart from general cba. Realised that I’ll have to hold off finding a new job if I want paternity pay.

Happy birthday Bam!


Morning all.

Poor night’s sleep due to the gale that seemed to be going on all night.

Got a week off after today but work is going to be a stressful one.

Happy Bamthday :partying_face::birthday::balloon::cake::tada: