It's Friday (Good)


Been to Tesco already to do the big shop. Was weird knowing I’d not be working over Easter for the first time in well over a decade. To all those working, I’m thinking of you.

No other plans, so tell me about yours



I’m up relatively early and have stuck one of these compilations on, I’m mildly obsessed with them

Off to Hastings later, might wear my dungarees.


Morning. Kids have got their last gymnastics camp sesh, and I want a mcdonalds breakfast.

I’m sick as well, thanks immunity

Morning! Beautiful start to the weekend. Off to Margate for a few nights, can’t wait.

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My sister is visiting. Partner’s gone to France for the weekend (aye, Roubaix). Waiting for my parents to arrive to watch the kiddo while I go for a spin though my enthusiasm for that is at an all time low. All I want to do is… nothing


Morning everyone

Morning all!

I had planned to do a post about getting drunk, getting the bus into town and buying some Easter eggs but that’s already the poem ‘Good Friday’ by Edwin Morgan.

We’re going to see Super Mario Brothers (at The Child’s request) and I’m playing football tonight. I’m quite sure we’ll be playing some computer games and drinking coffee between those times.

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Don’t feel guilty about doing nothing.


Dishoom breakfast for me



Been at work since 4.43 this morning. Saw the first cracks of dawn appearing on the journey down to Leamington

Break time now - just popping for a 2nd breakfast of a flat white and pain au raisin and then back at it until 1.30.

Bit of lawn mowing, seeding and feeding this afternoon when I get home.



Had a fun time at the Brighton DiS meat last night. I’m hangover free, which is nice. Going to have a chilled out day today.



Had a fun time at the Brighton DiS meat last night. I’m also hangover free, which is nice

Might go and visit my mum today, and maybe go and see the Crystal Palace Park dinosaurs


Was lovely seeing you all! How many pubs did you manage?

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Resolved to have a lie in

Got up at 7


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Child took an hour to get to sleep last night then woke up at 4am and refused to go back to sleep

Sleep is so nice you little maniac!

Chilling with him listening to CMAT then probably going to head to the park for a bit

Parents coming over later and we’ll probably go to some Easter egg trail thing on the downs, just hoping the child will consent to walking as my back is shot

Got a (hopefully) 2 hour slot to make a lasagne in later, did the Ragu last night so should be doable. Going to eat the fuck out of that with some roast potatoes for dinner


Very sunny day here in North Staffordshire. Just having coffee and croissant and watching Bobs Burgers. This morning we’ll pop into town to pick up a few bits, then down to the butchers and Trentham Bakehouse for a treat for me cause i didnt get any Bara Brith yesterday :

Then Mr s_w is watching Stoke City this afternoon so im going for a walk with my pal then takeaway tonight.

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I feel bad for my work’s clients because the day we filmed with them was apparently the one day this week that isn’t beeee-eautiful (the rainy rainy Wednesday)

tbf they’ve been really annoying arseholes the last few months, so this is funny

Morning all.

Eldest has a hankering to go to Bamburgh so we’re getting ourselves sorted to head up there. Ticks a good number of boxes as a trip out:

  • decent birdwatching
  • excellent dog walking slash swimming opps
  • tide is low so we can do the route i really like
  • get into Seahouses after for F&C and spend money in the arcades

Then home mid afternoon to do literally nothing. Sweet.


Five by the time I left - the George, the Eagle, the William IV, the Seven Stars (which had live music so bad I got the others to finish their drinks faster than they might otherwise would have), then the Hop Poles. It was gone midnight by the time I left, and I’m faring surprisingly well considering


We did Prince George, the Eagle, William IV, Seven Stars, and Hop Poles. Not too bad! @rob.orch and I will do a couple more tomorrow.

So lovely to see you xx