It's Friday (Good)

Hi. Still got what I’m sure is tonsilitis. Going to go to the chemist and see if they can prescribe me anything and hope that they don’t tell me to go to my doctor because I’m a massive idiot who didn’t register with a local doctor after moving a year ago.

Nice day though. Getting a haircut later.

The music was so bad. I don’t think I’ve ever heard Toto murdered in such a way! :laughing:

I left five-ten minutes after you.


Eating a very spicy Local Indian last night was probably a poor decision in hindsight.

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When I had tonsillitis, I phoned 111 who diagnosed it then sent a script through to the pharmacist. Could do that?

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Working :weary:
No chocolate :confounded:


No real plans until 6 today, but it’s sunny af

So will try to get out and enjoy; do some shopping I’ve been putting off forever; tidy the flat bomb site as a mood lifter

I can see all this being achieved tbh

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Good work! Haven’t been to William IV since its refurb - worth a visit?

I didn’t know that was a thing, cheers! There’s a thing called Pharmacy First in Scotland now where you’re encouraged to pop into a pharmacy for diagnosis for common ailments so if that doesn’t work out I’ll try 111.

nikkers, was looking through bed clothes on ikea and saw this and wondered if you had it:

I am researching radio towers

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Gonna finish up sharp today and meet the girlfriend and her dad for some lunch. The probably gonna spend the rest of the day chasing the sun and having a few drinks.
Pretty chilled weekend ahead, take jackson out for a walk or two and hang out with my nephews and niece. :slight_smile:


Morning made it to Bristol half an hour ago. Time to find some breakfast and eat it before everyone gets here and I have to share food with children again,

Picking up a hire car in a bit and then driving the fan to the Cotswolds for the weekend. Mostly excited about going to Beaconsfield Services tbh

Not really - it was more interesting as it was. It seemed pretty popular in there though, so maybe it’s just me

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Morning. I’m in Utrecht :netherlands:

We’re staying in one of the most poorly designed hostels I’ve ever encountered. Each floor is set round a balcony which stretches from the fifth floor (where we’re staying) all the way to the ground floor. Which means that we can hear the drunk/stoned Americans coming in on the first floor in the early hours, and they can hear the cheeksters’ morning exuberance. Terrible!



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I slept for 10 hours!


This isn’t even that good. Not bad either. Just OK.

Off to Yorkshire Sculpture Park in a bit. Likely to be “good”. I guess.

Not been since pre-panny.


I will wave in your direction!

Hello! I have been on the cross trainer for like 10 mins and am dead, god I’m so unfit. Gonna have the most luxurious shower and hope that the elderly one doesn’t need a tiddle halfway through.

Oooh and I have some dnd later! Yay!