It's Friday! 😍 YCMIU



What’s popping, DiS?

Office Christmas lunch today.
Looking forward to seeing some of you lovely folk at the LME Chrimmy drinks later on.
Footless climbing competition tomorrow.
Sunday will be my day of rest.


Got fat more work than time today :frowning:
Going to run a training half marathon tomorrow. Not much else to report


Oh. I’m also having a bacon sandwich!



Pretty, pretty stressed about work. Too much to do. Pressure from all sides. Aargh.

Going to try and get on the turbo trainer and pedal until my brain shuts up tonight. Doing a Star War tomorrow afternoon, then hiding upstairs as a Christmas party happens in my living room in the evening (also need to do work). Probably do some work on Sunday too, and maybe some exercise to keep me from crawling up the walls.

Really need some time off soon.


Alright Kevin Bacon


morning Aphex,
I’m off today and typing this from the comfort of me bed. The tv is asleep on the sofa as she went out later than me and she decided whilst pissed that it was better to sleep on the sofa than get into bed and wake me, although she woke me up to tell me this :slight_smile:
Today I sort out my secret santa present. Then works nkght do later.

think I’m still pissed.


Not getting great vibes about your MD from what I’ve heard. Stay strong, dude.


Hey all

Feeling weirdly down / grumpy this morning - only got four hours’ sleep, which might be something to do with it. Gonna have to snap out of it because I’ve got our work Christmas do this afternoon. Severe case of the CBAs.


Went to Adam and joe last night and it was BRILLIANT. Bf bought me an Adam and Joe tote bag so sporting that today.

Work is properly stressing me out at moment so my Xmas cheer has severely dwindled.

Going to see Slow Club later.
Gym tomorrow.
Gym on Sunday.

I bought new jeans and they’re already too big for me :pensive:




Drinks tonight!
Loads of life admin needs doing tomorrow, mainly sending back mortgage offer docs :smiley:
Bike ride on Sunday obv

Adam and Joe were :100: last night :heart:


I’m off to Barcelona



Big fan of that. My old band is doing a reunion show tonight and I’m going to get absolutely SMAAAAAAAAASHED!!!




think i’ll wake the tv up and see how shes doing



Fell off the wagon with something awful in a big way. Feel pretty fucking terrible about myself. Uh, not sure what to say. Don’t think venting here will help. LME’rs I don’t think I’ll make it t’night sorry. Ugh shit shit shit shit fucking fucking shit. Sorry. Fuck this.


Hope you’re okay Ruffers, you’re a good one pal.


Nah regret posting it already, sorry man, you’re awesome though. Sorry.



(Much love to you)