It's FRIDAY, I guess

Motivations = 0
Enthusiasm = 0
Chances of doing ANY work = 0

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Chances of having a beer in my hand several hours before I clock off work = 50/50

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I’m moving to London tomorrow and I start my new job on Monday. Currently in that stage where I have no idea why I’ve agreed to all these things.

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Bit nippy out.

I’ve got FAR too much work to do to have a lazy day today. But that hasn’t stopped me the rest of the week.

Out for a burrito and Old Fashioneds tonight.

Whoops, where my text at? (LoL, sorry) What I had typed was does anyone know where I can get a step-by-step kit to make one of those guys? I would rather not buy a complete one if possible as want the fun of really connecting with my garden-friend

your weekend sounds pretty identical to mine :slight_smile:

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hello all,

relatively easy day ahead of me, and a weekend of fuck all planned which i’m looking forward to. probably just gonna buy some stuff, drink some wine and watch some films or summit.

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CBA. Legs are a bit heavy, need to coffee my way through the day.

BUT no misery packed lunch today, might get a @ericthefourth -ito. Gunna go see Your Name tonight. Might go to the Rutland before for my #firstbeeroftheyear

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Hopefully a gentle one today. Gonna take the dog out into the country for a long walk tomorrow, then come home and make sourdough bread (i have a 55-year old starter!) and have a skinful.


No plans really. Might go and look at kitchens tomorrow? (Does anyone have any advice on choosing / designing / getting a kitchen fitted? I feel like I don’t know what I am doing)

Probably bike ride on Sunday, obv.

Got a couple of appointments today but nowt else going on. Got a “”“double date”"" on sunday with someone the tv works with and her new bf. Ought to be interesting…

Ffs on placement for this week and next becuase work decided they won’t pay me to take time off even though they get money from uni (£7000) to cover me, so im having to do it in my holidays and only get three weeks pay all while having a masters assignment due in next friday. The buses that go to my placement run only every HOUR and ive missed it for the second time this week by 2 minutes (due to first bus being late/ traffic) despite leaving EARLIER than necessary. Im poor and the fact i will only be getting 3 weeks pay for 5 weeks work makes me want to cry, i wont have any time off until april due to work making me do placement in holidays which equates to me having no time to do any of the actual written work/ do decent on my portfolio. Its an intense year but all i seem to want to do when i get home is sleep for 12 hours and im worried im spiraling out of control and want to fucking give up even though im really trying my hardest to not complain too much about how difficult i’m finding things.


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Last day of my contract today, dead excited about getting home tomorrow. I flew out here literally the morning after we moved to our new flat so I’m looking forward to sorting stuff out and making it home. Gonna go to IKEA next week and get myself a desk and some stuff for the walls in my new home office (/spare room).

Today though I’ll mostly be biding my time until I can finish. I’ve got zero work but still have to pretend I’m working. Currently sat in the office cafe eating a croissant

Just feel so embarassed and unprofessional about having to ring in again saying ill be an hour late.

There are lots of online guides for doing the layout of the room (e.g the kitchen triangle rule) and then with some measuring and thinking you can design it and order it from Wren. Wren has an online design tool so you can put it together and see how it’ll fit - or they can design it for you. Then get someone to install and do the worktops/plumbing etc. It’s not particularly hard.

If not, there’ll be independent kitchen fitters who will also happily come around and do the design work for you, they can then go away and source the kitchen. Wickes and B&Q’s basic ranges aren’t particularly bad, especially for a smaller kitchen. IKEA has slightly unusual dimensions but some fitters will choose them because they’re cheaper/flat packed and are happy to use them.

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Morning all. I’ve got my bike lights plugged into the USB socket of my work PC. This is the future, clearly.

That reminds me, I need to charge the hoover (?!)