It's friday, it's banal


possible topics of conversation:

  • how long til :beers:
  • any hot drink/snack action going on this afternoon?
  • plans for tonight


  • n/a
  • No, I pigged out at lunch and now I feel quite sick
  • probably watch some card games, for a change


Still pretty livid about my work at the moment but I digress.

  • 1 hour 40 mins until beerz. Gonna get shit-faced tonight, tired of being ill and can sleep in all day like a real grown up tomorrow

  • Got a couple of M&S berry mini muffins in my bag so probably put a couple of those away

  • Drinking

  • planning on heading home in 1 hour and 9 minutes
  • about to go down and get a coffee and a chocolate muffin
  • none, probably get some beer or wine from the shop and watch TV

  • I’d say five hours until birthday drinks for the TV.
  • Mug of tea and maybe a Yorkie at three.
  • Drinking with the TV, probably in our favourite bar.


realistically 4 hours til beer for me :sob:
might pop down pret for a coffee, stuff in this office is dogshit
reckon we’ll go out tot he pub for a couple but decide we’re tired about 9 and be in bed by 10


I feel like there are too many “regular” threads today:

  • ama
  • selfies
  • bangerz
  • the quiz

  • daily
  • banal
  • what are you wearing




I like the regular threads. Gives me a nice sense of comfort.


Probably good four hours

Just had a peppermint tea

Nothing, fireworks tomorrow so that’ll be bangin’ bonfire and all! Wootwoot


alright. my flatmate gave me an alcoholic drink at 2 today. not got any hot drinks going on currently.

girl who is staying with us started work as a chugger earlier in the week. she lasted two days before quitting


welll sorrryyyyy captain serious thread


:smiley: it’s all fine, just struggling to keep up!


i’m heading home in about thirty minutes to take my broken, in bits bike to the shop to have it rebuilt

tonight = building an IKEA unit probably



No muffins left :anguished:


why don’t you marry a building if you love building things so much




going for a :beer: at about 4pmish.

No snacks but could go one. Regretting not picking up some salted popchips tbh.




Beers in 4hrs 30 mins. Quite fancy having a good few tbh.
Gonna have a Twirl at 4pm
Classic Mr & Mrs Stack night in I reckon. Been on a takeaway moratorium for a month, might break with it tonight.
My stereo is slowly coming back to life. Can play CD’s again and should have the turntable good to go tomorrow morning when my ground loop isolator shows up (you said it was banal…)


Hows the work going on the flat PN?