It's Friday, it's banal

put olive oil in my ears this morning to soften up the wax and now they’re all oily and it feels weird to put headphones in so I’m sitting in SILENCE

can’t wait to go home and play Stardew Valley


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I am WFh today and have done:

  • The weekly shop
  • Redone the sealant on the bath
  • Done a full wash (9kg) and hung it out (about to bring in)
  • Killed the Hand of the King
  • Played with the kittens
  • Sent out the three main emails that I had to do today

I am a man of today. I am a man of success.


so booooored

bike club drinks later

Work removed my GoPro software from my computer so I can’t edit my videos. Argh.

Doing some paperwork in the office but mainly just looking out the window at this



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absolutely not

that’s more than I’ve probably achieved in all my wfh days to date combined, fair play

Had Vince Staples’ new record on repeat pretty much all day. It is good.

it certainly is

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Listened to the new Daughters record, it’s wicked. Trying to write stuff about search engines and optimisation. Arghrrgrgrgthhhtr

Shouldn’t have had that Belgian bun after my lunchtime fish finger sandwich.

Thursday was yesterday pal


I’ve been in Recruitment and Selection training all day. Never felt more alive

do you feel sufficiently trained in the skills of both Recruitment and Selection now

i have forgotten to charge my bike lights so now i am going to have to wait for a bit until there’s a bit of charge in them


the community thanks you for your commitment to bike safety, Nicola

Yes! And you should all come and work for my team. (We might actually be recruiting. Sneak some Mighty Mighty Bosstones lyrics into your application and I’ll shortlist you).


Trying to work out if I’m well enough to go see Hop Along tonight.

I might go out and get :pizza:. That’s a good test, right? If I can manage that, I should be fiiiiine.

not sure what to do tonight. tired. bored. fed up of this fucking lump on my left eye.