It's Friday, it's half past three, it's banal time!

What’s cooking?

Just got a cup of tea and a banana here. Basically clock-watching, but I have loads of enquiries to answer. CBA m52s.

27 minutes remaining.

I’ve just measured the % available capacity currently being utilised by my glass of water.

39% full.

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made a cup of coffee in my aeropress only to find that I hadn’t boiled the kettle! so now I’ve made a new one :slight_smile:

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This cat made me laugh earlier


Why the heck have we had no thread on this?

I’m never too much of a fan of memes (MEMAYS - GC style) but this one is gonna like…get it

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:sleeping: Very tired, was called out at 1:30am this morning for an hour, then couldn’t get back to sleep and can’t go home for an hour yet :frowning: But on the bright side I have a week off after today! :slight_smile:

Alright niki? How’re things post-holiday? Hope plasticmike’s on the mend!

Really can’t wait to explore my new endz this weekend after a long lie-in tomorrow. Gonna hit up a couple of bottle shops in Tooting and pick up some nice beers for saturday night.

Sunday, the father-in-law and bro-in-law come over to have a snoop around the house and then heading into Wimbledon for a few scoops.

Really want to go to the pub tonight.

Hiya pniks etc

Listening to Deerhoof and keeping an eye on my ceiling for any increasing cracks :confused: Wondering if I should have a beer tonight or just not bother.

@rich-t The bf opened the tickle monster last night! I tried some, it was tasty as! though, it had a very sweet after taste that wasn’t so good. I’ll let it slide, this time anyway.

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Things are fine, plasticmike will live to tell the (shit) tale and hopefully not try such a silly manoeuvre on his bike ever again.

Exploring a new area is always a lovely thing innit.


:smiley: Awww yeaaah.

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:grinning: this is exactly how sympathetic the missus would be with me if I did something like that.

Aye I really can’t wait to have a potter around. I miss Hackney a lot so hoping this will cheer me up a bit.

just had a cinnamon bun thing.

good / 10

The gf is in the pub already and is sending me pictures of her pictures of her gin and tonic. So cruel.

I’m waiting for my insurance company to delivery a car “between 1 and 5pm today”. Since it’s nearly 4pm now, my brain’s decided that they’re definitely not coming at all, I’m going to have to chase them which means phone calls, anxiety et all that.

Also feeling a bit down about how that selfie thread and subsequent spin off have gone, esp as I hadn’t posted and DiS has been a great place to be lately.

(Edit - sorry - a bit serious for Friday banal)

listening to Neil Young, having a cup of tea and a sainsbos belgian choc cookie. hour and 45 mins left

just remembered one of my favourite insignificant little moments in a film ever

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Had two separate people come round today and ask me to do some urgent work because they forgot to mark it as urgent in the system. Did half a day’s worth of work in 90 minutes, didn’t have time to stop for lunch and now I’m finishing the other job before home time. Uuurrgghhhh.

Godspeed carmen! You still got the weekend off? Sounds like you’re gonna need it.