It's Friday, it's half past three, it's banal time!

Not long off the train was gonna swing into work but decided against it, not really sure what to do, might go get a glass of :wine_glass:

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Yeah, no rest involved though, I’m flying home tonight, getting in at like 1am then throwing a birthday party for the TV tomorrow night, having lunch with his family on Sunday then flying back that afternoon

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Current mood

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Also having tea and a banana enjoyed in the comfort of my bed. My legs are too hot.

A colleague brought in a massive Cinnabon cake thing the other day. It was really quite something. A million/10

hey - nearly done, I’m off all next week, just me and the boy. But got a few work things to deal with that I’m not realistically going to get to - looks like a couple of hours of e-mail and stuff for me on Monday morning,

really want to go to the pub but I have no one to go with and I hate going on my own on a Friday eveing

now i’ve got a coffee flavoured skyr and it’s fucking amazing / 10

even though i’m slightly worried it cost me about £9 or something

oh my god please can I

Meeting a mate and the TV at 7 this evening, and heading straight from work so have a solid hour or so to fill. Will deffo be hitting the pub solo like a proper saddo :sunglasses:

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Car arrived :red_car:

Need to chill now m8s


sorry all gone

Applied for another job!
Wish me luck in poll form!

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  • Brian Clough

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you’ll be giving out that confident “I’m just killing time before I hook up with all my great mates” swagger though

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If by that you mean, reading my book in a corner then yes :sunglasses:

Guys, fucking hell, I’ve drank far too much coffee. FEEL. ON. EDGE. :grimacing:

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Should we assume you’ve had your last cup for the day, or have you slipped into some caffeine addiction?!

I bought a bag of this today, gonna be buzzing like a fridge tomorrow morning:


love hot lava java, probably the best supermarket-available coffee

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