It's Friday, it's six o clock, it's time for Crackerjack (evening thread)

Ordered a Chinese, what with it being Chinese New Year



We’ve also ordered a Chinese, what with it being Chinese New Year. Was awfully nice of Marckee to tell me about it, would have never found out otherwise.


Also ordered a chinese


from a ‘how to hit a baseball’ video


Had pizza, what with it being Friday


Quite literally watching Crackerjack! Love Sam and Mark.


Also on Chinese book. Had it a bit early as M was hungry. Got stuff from the amazing local vegan Chinese nearby, so expensive though (had the special curry, the vegan prawns are great, mock duck pancakes, and salt and pepper tofu which M snaffled most of). Guzzled a load of jasmine tea and played some Takenoko.

Got a hair mask on my hair and it feels too late to wash it off now as my hair takes so many hours to dry so I guess I’m sleeping with it on.


Working 'til 8. Anyone who engages in Valentine’s in any serious way is a fucking guff.


In queue for beer

Was thinking takeaway tonight, may also go chinese

Us too. Jimbo’s suddenly the right age for it

Hectic day today. But done for a week and a bit now. Sitting down listening to some new singles released today and drinking a beer. Doing bathtime and bedtime then cooking shakshuka as I think my wife is addicted.


I think we are a week or so behind but do it every Friday now.

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Hmmm. Our Chinese order has been 50 minutes and still hasn’t arrived.

What if I’ve ordered from somewhere that has closed for new year?!?!

Probably keeps you in a job though so…

by this logic coronavirus is great

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No Chinese. No takeaway. Vegan kievs, croquettes, crispy kale and asparagus.

Going to watch a Rose Matafeo movie.

This afternoon we went for an icy woodland walk. I tried to take a nice photo of my wife and eldest daughter. The dog photo-bombed it by taking a shit in the background.


Evening, having a beef, courgette, harissa and feta stew on account of it being what I had in my fridge.

Saw I had a photo WhatsApp there from a pal I haven’t spoken to in ages and thought he might be announcing they were having a baby but it was actually a photos of their local Indian order


Making spicy prawn burrito salad (Mrs F) and kievs, mash and beans (me). Tired as fuck so just gonna lie down and watch Modern Family until bedtime.

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Evening all. Had bolognese tonight as I had stuff I needed to use up, but also had that annoying thing where when it was ready I felt so tired that I wasn’t really that hungry anymore. Might struggle to stay up until 10 at this rate.

Blumming cold outside on me walk

Warm shower followed by a hot pizza is in order

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